Last day of November

Finally after a long tough year, we have reached the final day of November, the December holidays are in sight and it is time to slow down and enjoy some good reads. As the end of the year approaches it is time we set out on new endevours and make sure we have completed all of the tasks we have set out through the year.

Below are some of the books we believe will make for excellent holiday reading:

Vorster the man by John D Oliveira Biography of Prime Minster John Vorster FIRST EDITIONVorster - the man - John DOliveira

John D’Oliveira was one of the few journalists who knew John Balthazar Vorster well. This biography is compiled mainly out of original material, interviews with people involved with Vorster from his childhood to Premiership and with Vorster’s cooperation. A unique insight into the youth and career of this   Afrikaner nationalist, the role he played in the Ossewa Brandwag, and the rise of the Nationalist Party. Photos’

ErnestStanton Publishers , First Edition 1977, 292p.

Elke hond kry sy dag deur Ettie Bierman jeugverhaalImage

Elke hond kry sy dag handel oor ‘n seun se verhouding met sy meisie en sy hond.

Van der Walt uitgewers, 2de druk 1980, 158p



Witbande kom deur Anna Enslin roman oor Rebellie van 1914 EERTE DRUKImage

Anna Enslin se  eerste boek, Die Witbande kom, behandel die nagevolge van die Rebellie van 1914 op die samelewing. Voortrekkerpers, 1943, 263p.

Vir Die Houtsnyer deur Engela Swart, en Mifanwy van Nieuwenhuizen

Volledige kursus in   houtsnee werk wat onderrig verskaf, gereedskap, aanwending vir artikels vanaf meubels tot juweliersware met foto’s, diagramme en metodes. Koevert met stensils in boek.

Ons Gemeentelike feesalbum P L Olivier Gefedereerde Ned.  Ger Kerke geskiedenis Van Riebeeck Fees 1952.Image

Oorsig van die ontstaan en groei van Gemeente van die Gefed. Ned. Gereformeerde kerke met geleentheid van die Van /Riebeeck –Fees, 1952. Fotos van leeraars, geboue, and geskiedenis van talle dorpe.NG Kerk-uitgewers, 1952, 608p.


Laat die stories loop deur Dirk van Schalkwyk Humoristiese vertellings GETEKENDE KOPIEImage

Stories en taalverskynsels aangeteken terwyl hy navorsing gedoen het hierdie gesoute verteller Laat die stories loop, saamgestel.

Uitgegee deur D J van SCHALKWYK (Sonder jaar)  81p. Getekende kopie “ met die woorde: “Lag, en die wêreld lag saam met jou.”

If you have any book requests for the holidays, please let us know.



Halloween a commercial fest based on a pagan tradition

The word Halloween or Hallowe’en dates to about 1745 and is of Christian origin   and means “hallowed evening” or “holy evening. The Scottish term is    All Hallows’ Eve and is celebrated on 31 October. Like all events, it has become highly commercialised and the mother city does not lack things to do for Halloween, offering ghoulish goings-on such as Trick-or-treating, creepy costumes, tours to haunted houses, jack-o-lanterns for sales,   horror films and all things bone-chilling.

To whet your appetite read:

Haunted by Sian Hall ghosts spirits of South Africa.haunted 001

Haunted incidents in the veld, farms, spectral hoarders, haunted public places, psychic pets, ominous lights, ghosts lost in time haunted houses and ghostly sounds are examined.

Andy Warhol Bela Lugosi Dracula the Kiss poster framed rarekiss (2)

Size poster approx.70×108 cm, in black and gilt frame 83x113cm

Condition: excellent, belonged to a discerning art collector for years.

Kalahari Rivers of Sand by A Degre et al. Kalahari DesertImage

A spectacular and lavishly illustrated coffee table size book, packed with colour photos and background information, which introduce the reader to the beautiful world of the Kalahari Desert in Africa.

Trekking On by Deneys Reitz Boer War journal, First Edition With a preface by the RT HON. J C Smuts. MAPS. Sequel to his book Commando (see listing).London, Faber and Faber, 1933, First edition, 351pImage


Suid – Afrika Waarheen deur Prof. B B Keet Eerste Anti-Apartheid boek in Afrikaans. Sub-titel: ‘n Bydrae tot die besprekings van ons rasseorobleem.Image

(‘n man van gesag in die NGK (en een van die 1933-Bybelvertalers) se boek oor die euwels van Apartheid, wat hewige reaksie uitgelok het.  Daarin verklaar hy onomwonde dat apartheid volgens Christelike beginsels verkeerd was. Geskryf in die tyd van Verwoerd.

Bright Ideas for your home by Per Dalsgaard and Elizabeth Erichsonbright ideas

Step-by-step photographs in colour   and instructions to make stylish, practical furniture and accessories. Black and white illustrations.

Goeie maniere en etiket deur Emsie SchoemanGoeie Maniere en Etiket 001

Die immergroen boek van raad vir elke denkbare situasie, van bankette tot begrafnisse, kleredrag, protokol, ens.

Promised Land by Karel SchoemanImage

Originally published in Afrikaans under the title Na die Geliefde land, Translated by Marion Friedmann.  The novel begins with George’s return to the country of his birth, where he hopes to sell the farm he inherited but cannot understand the changes brought about with the new government regime. Futuristic, depressing picture. Condition:  paperback, age yellowing Spine shelf fraying. Futura Publishers, London, 1979 ed.205p.

Saturday Night at the Palace a Pay in one act by Paul Slabolepszy drama FIRST EDITIONImage

Based on a play by screenwriter Paul Slabolepszy which in turn is based on true story, and set in a fast-food restaurant in a South African suburb. Thought-provoking drama offers insight into the origins of racist tension.AD. Donker Publishers, 1988. 79p. FIRST EDITION

Atlas van Nasionale Parke en Reservate van Suid-Afrika met teks deur M RenssenImage

Parke, Toerkaarte, kleur beskrywings, diere volledig weergegee.

No space on Long Street Marshrose two plays by Pieter Dirk Uys   Signed copy. First editionImage

In this a one-man show, Uys presents a variety of characters … all of them the leading actor in their own play. It gives also an insight in the early years of the early years when the Space Theatre opened its doors in Cape Town. No Space on Long Street is a celebration of this era   and also a salute to Long Street where Pieter-Dirk Uys lived and worked   during working years at the Space Theatre, and got to know the people who lived there.

Nursery Patterns Delton Patten GuideImage

More than 200 lively patters or children adaptable for any occasion and surface from gifts to cakes including designs and pattern graphs.

Trek op die Skerms deur Lydia Lindeque BiografieImage

Lydia Lindeque (Vrou van Uys Krige) is een van dié pioniersvroue van die teater in Suid-Afrika en haar biografie lewer ‘n lewendige en humoristiese prentjie van besoekende teatergeselskappe in die ou dae en persoonlikhede soos die toneelbaas Paul de Groot en   ander bekendes. Geskiedkundige waardevolle wit en swart foto’s.

South African Law of Persons and Family Law, Barnard, Cronje, OlivierImage

Paljas deur Chris Barnard die filmdraaiboek

Die sirkustrein bring ‘n nar in die lewens van ‘n gesin en in die mense van ‘n afgelee

Karoodorpie, wat lei tot dramatiese omwentelinge in hul lewens.

Basjan en Wilhelm en die manne van die Kamp deur Jan Geldenhuys (Getekende kopie).Image

Humoristiese verbeeldingstories oor die “ manne van die kamp”  met name soos Paul Kruger, Barney Barnato, Danie Craven, die Prins van Wallis en ander daarin geweef.

Jetlag SA Airways in the Andrews Era. By Dennis BeckettJetlag 001

Coleman Andrews was imported to run the SAA between 1998 and 2001 and it seems that even then the SAA was riddled with subterfuge, scandal and overpaid executives.

Merklappe in kruissteek deur Riette SteenkampImage

Foto’s in kleur, patrone, instruksies vir kruissteekwerk, vir huwelike, baba-en kinderkamers, die huis, tuin, Kersfees, alfabet en syfers. Koffietafelgrootte.

Odd Koppie of a Veld Fool by Flemming, L AFRICANAImage

Reminiscences, rhymes of life on a farm. Bloemfontein: A. C. White, 1929  203p. First edition.

Toy box Leadership by R Hunter and M Waddell Lessons from the toys you loved as a childImage

How your favourite childhood toys have already taught you the secrets of successful leadership and influencing others.

Harbours of Memory by Lawrence G Green harbours of memory 001.jpg

“A book of personal experience along South Africans and other romantic waterfronts, odd characters encountered by the author and the strange tales they told.”(Title page).

Thank you for reading this weeks blog.

If you would like to ask any questions or have any queries, it would be most welcome.

All the best

Babsie and John



Last month was heritage month, but it is good to remember your heritage throughout the year and draw strength and pride from it.

What is heritage?

People’s heritage can be described as the practices and traditions that are passed on from parents to children. Various types of heritage are:

National heritage. A person who was born in South Africa has a South African heritage. This also means they have an African heritage because they were born on this continent.”

Cultural heritage is formed by those things or expressions that show the creativity of people. These can be special monuments, like a building, sculpture, painting, cave dwelling or anything important because of its history, artistic or scientific value.

“When South Africans celebrate the diverse cultural heritage that makes up a ” rainbow nation”  It is the day to celebrate the contribution of all South Africans to the building of South Africa.“ — Lowry.


van Suid-Afrika, Geskiedenis red A J van der Walt et al. 2 Volumesgeskiedenis van Suid-Afrika 2 vols 001

Boek 1: die Witman in Suid-Afrika, boek: 2 bestuursvorme en hul ontwikkeling.



Vast Heritage an 1820 Settlers Epic novel by Vera Buchanan-Gouldvast heritage_0003

The story of the heroine, Beth, one of the four thousand permanent 1820  Settlers to the Eastern Cape  who acted as human barriers between primitive races and the civilized white Colonists of the Cape of Good Hope, and how they had to face many obstacles and sacrifices on the primitive frontier.

South Africa’s wildlife heritage by Anthony Bannister and Peter Johnson Wildlife heritagewith text by Mike Nicol.  Colourful, captivating illustrations of animals and nature captured in this book by world famous photographers Bannister and Johnston and complemented with text By Mike Nicol, with contents ranging on wildlife from the Lowveld, Highveld, arid west, Natal, the Cape and our Seashores.

Afrikaanse Volkskultuur deur Prof Abel Coetzee Inleiding tot die studie van volkskundeImage

Vanaf grondbeginsels van die Afrikaanse kultuur, en hoofstukke oor geestelike kultuur, and stoflike kultuur en volksaard. Swart en wit fotos van wonings, kleredrag, meubels en ander volksitems.

Dapper Kinders Van Suid-Afrika deur D J Kotze.  Heldhaftige kinders ook jong Boereoorlog helde. EERSTE DRUKImage

Dapper Kinders Van Suid-Afrika eer die bekende en minder bekende heldhaftige kinders in die geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika. Ook jong Boereoorlog helde en heldinne. Daar word vertel van die koue nag toe Klara Majola haar blinde pa gaan soek het. Jacobus Lombard onthou die ontberings wat hy as 15-jarige seun op die Dorslandtrek gebly het en die dapperheid wat dit gekos het om te oorleef.Die Anglo-Boereoorlog se Penkoppe (seuns van ongeveer 10–15 jaar) het saam met die Boere op kommando gegaan en in sekere gevalle saam gesneuwel. ‘n Versameling van 36 verhale wat ’n blik gee op die heldemoed wat kinders jonger as 16 jaar aan die dag gelê het. Fotos, illustrasies.

Commando of horses and men by Deneys Reitz a Boer journal of the Boer War and the aftermaths of war.Image

Deneys Reitz takes the reader on a journey of historical incidents including the tribulations of the Boer commando, the struggles of his father, President Fanie William Reitz, and the aftermath of the war which included long years of exile.

Storm over the Transvaal by T V Bulpin Transvaal early history FIRST EDITIONstorover the Transvaal 001

An account of Transvaal history from 1884 until 1900 a turbulent period in the history of South Africa, which covers the discovery of gold, personalities such as Paul Kruger and Jan smuts. The story recounts the clash of Boer and Brit,   avarice and corruption, leading up to the Anglo-Boer War. Illustrations by C T Astley Maberly

There are no South Africans by G H Calpin. Historical overview of South Africa including holism theory.There are no South Africans 001

An overview of the historical and political influences that shaped South African history ending with a chapter on Hertzog and holism.

Rags of Glory by Stuart Cloete Anglo Boer War novelrags of glory 001

An epic novel of   “A civil war in which brother was against brother in which an industrialised people attempted to force material and alien culture upon farmers who were fighting for a way of life.”

Path of Blood by Peter Becker.The Rise and Conquest of Mzilikazi, Founder of the Matabele Tribe of Southern AfricaImage

Path of Blood by Peter Becker a   biography of Mzilikazi, “the Great Path”, founder of the Matabele tribe who conquered peoples of the Transvaal, Botswana, and further north, creating the Matabele nation from his captives. Although he repulsed the Zulu army, he failed    to dislodge the emigrant Boers from his territory. Chapter on Boers and their leaders and the missionary Moffat. Contains black and white photos and illustrations.


When you despair about things such as fake news, politics, corruption and the economy, take up a book and read something inspiring. Shakespeare once said “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.





Winter solstice book sale

The 21st of June signals the winter solstice (or hibernal solstice), also known as midwinter, is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the December solstice and in the Southern Hemisphere this is the June solstice.

To warm up your nights, we are offering the below choice reads at a 10 percent discount. In order for this discount to apply kindly let us know once your bid is successful that you read the Winter solstice book sale blog.

wolwedans (2)Wolwedans n soort revue deur Hennie Aucamp EERSTE DRUK

“Daar kan drie vlakke in die bundel onderskei word: die revue, ’n “verskeidenheidsprogram”; die wolfsheid van die samelewing; en die verloopte en vereensaamde enkeling. Wolwedans en Hongerblom is in 1974 (saam met Chris Barnard se Mahala) met die WA Hofmeyr-prys bekroon. “

Tafelberg, EERSTE DRUK, 1973, 87pp.

In een kraal deur Hennie Aucamp Prosa GETEKENDE KOPIE EERSTE UITGAWEImage (2)

‘n Keuse uit die prosa van Hennie Aucamp saamgestel en ingelui deur Eliza Botha.

Tafelberg, EERSTE DRUK, 1979, 207pp. EERSTE UITGAWE

Shape of my heart Poem by Sting, Paintings by PicassoImage (2)

Edited by Linda Sunshine and Mary Tiegree. “Shape of My Heart marries the haunting lyrics of pop icon Sting with the mesmerizing images of Pablo Picasso, perhaps the greatest artist of the twentieth century. The result is a scintillating look at how the forces of love and desire will enrich and complicate life.” Beautiful coloured Picasso prints.

Volmink deur Hennie Aucamp Kortverhale. GETEKENDE KOPIEVolmink - Hennie Aucamp

“Hennie Aucamp se kortverhaalbundel Volmink kan beskou word as die eerste gay teks in Afrikaans wat weggebreek het van die verdoeseling en maskering wat die uitbeelding van homoseksualiteit in die ouer literatuur gekenmerk het.” Travestie en gay identiteit in Volmink (1981) van Hennie Aucamp, Andries Visagie).

Tafelberg, EERSTE DRUK, 1981. 86p, GETEKENDE KOPIE

Te Glorious Knitting by Kaffe FassettImage

Over 30 colourful, fashionable exclusive patterns by the master of hand-knitted designs

Century Hutchinson publishing Group, 1987, 160p.

Condition: Soft cover, folio size Good, slight water stains on edge.

Tema en Variasies deur Willem van den Berg RomanImage

Kyk na die stadslewe van Afrikaners en veranderende tradisies.

Nasionale Pers 1947, 313P.

Finishing Touch by Robin Guild Making the most with the things you own. Excellent DIY BookImage

Innovative, amazing imprint to make your house a home. Colourful illustrations, ingenious ideas and use of worthwhile items.

Groot gebod deur T C Pienaar roman Image

‘n Roman met ‘n godsdienstige boodskap oor hoe om jou medemens by te staan.

Nasionale Boekhandel, 1950, 233p.

Boys in Africa Photographs by Andrew Kennedy an African journey mostly in the nudeImage (2)

“… A glorious journey of seven guys together on safari… sharing togetherness, the loneliness and beauty of the African bush.” Sub-heading: by the Reverend Toop with the sounds of Beethoven in the bush.

Alternative Books, Botswana, 1988 approx 100p.

Wys my waar is Timboektoe deur Hennie Aucamp samesteller ‘n persoonlike reis deur Afrika EERSTE UITGAWEImage

Aucamp se groot Afrika-bloemelesing. Wys my waar is Timboektoe  is “’n  samestelling van tekste van Beroemde en bekende skywers en roep die “gansheid van Afrika” op.

Spitsuur deur Hennie Aucamp Kortverhale  Spitsuur deur Hennie Aucamp Kortverhale

12 kortverhale wat oor die dood, eensaamheid, seksfrustrasie en oor Hernnie Eucamp as mens gaan.

John Malherbe -Uitgewers, 1972 derde druk. 108p. Klein formaat.

Keep warm this winter with our selections of books.

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Books for 1st week of June

“So many good books to read, so little time,” is written on the  wall of my local public library, (Sea Point) which is a hive of activity for children, with working computers, neat shelving and many a humorous Saying, such as “If you refer to you librarian as “my dealer”,  it means that you  are a library addict. We have a variety of  good visitors/ subjects/book reviews monthly, and yesterday we had the pleasure to listen to the entertaining  anecdotes of the well-known journalist and author David Biggs. His message was” If you want to do it, you can fulfill your dreams”

Choice of books for the week:

(Click on the Title of the book which is hyperlinked to Bidorbuy for more information)

Mantis carol by Laurence van der Post Mantis carol by Laurence van der PostImage

A Mantis Carol tells the story of an episode in van der Post’s life that leads him in search of one of the “First People” of his native Africa to Hans Taaibosch, a Bushman from Africa working the circus in modern America, and, which begins with a recurring of a praying mantis a deeply moving conclusion.


Januarie-suite deur Antjie Krog DigbundelJanuarie-suite 001

Gedigte   van Antjie Krog met ‘n musiek –tema.    Die gedigte kan as swaarmoedig beskryf word en sommige soos:”’n bundel vir aborsie” ‘n hartbrekend,

Human en Rousseau Uitgewers 1980 uitgawe, 60p.


Shaka Zulu: The Rise of the Zulu Empire. E. A. Ritter Image

A comprehensive history of one of the greatest Zulu kings. Photos, maps, illustrations.

Nuwe F.A.K sangbundel  hoofred. D Devilliers

Die derde uitgawe van die bekende Volksangbundel uitgegee in oopdrag van die F.A.K. Sommige liedere wat nie veel aftrek gekry het nie , is weggelaat terwyl nuwe  liedere weer opgeneem is.

Uitgewers: Nasionale Boekhandel, vierde druk, 1966, 518p.

Southern Africa Land of beauty and splendour by T V Bulpin COFFEE TABLE BOOKSouthern Africa land of splendour 001

A beautifully , descriptive and vivid book telling the story of south africa in lively prose  and 190 full colour photographs representing the works of some of the world’s most outstanding photographers.

Readers digest publishers, 4th edition 1978, and 319p. COFFEE TABLE BOOK.

Condition: Hard cover, dust jacket very good condition,

Ongelooflike avonture van Hanna Hoekom deur Marita van der Vyver JeugromanImage

Hanna besluite op 15 jaar om haar biografie te skryf en sluit in haar hoogs disfunksionele, snaakse familie.

Tafelberg Uitgewers 2002, eerste druk. 168p.


Cask of Jerepigo sketches and essays  by Herman First editionA Cask of Jerepigo

Short humorous sketches, depicting everything and everybody Herman Charles Bosman encountered, in his unique, conversation-type style.


Dancing with John deu/ by Nathaniel Complete cabaret script mostly in Afrikaans. FIRST EDITIONImage (2)

Nathaniël’s 1991 Road trip performing nationwide in his bilingual cabaret Dancing with John. Black and white photographs.


Thunder on the Blaauwberg by Lawrence G. Green FIRST EDITIONThunder on the Blaauwberg 001

Stories of exceptional persons in south African history, including the famous air pioneer and prophet, John William Dunne, the prospector Solomon Rabinowitz, the story of alexander Scotland a master spy, Richetersveld personalities, wine of Constantia and many more  narratives. Photographs. Sketches.

Mooiste Afrikaanse Liefdesverhale, saamgestel deur Winnie RousseauImage

Bevat twintig  liefdesverhale , onder ander van  Jan Rabie, Tryna du Toit, Kas van den Bergh, Wim Harman, Henriette Grove en Elsa Joubert.

Human en Rousseau Uitgewers, Tweede druk, 1973, 244p.

Please share your library experiences or any feedback you may have.

We appreciate your participation.

May 14 – 24


May 14, is also Dance Like a Chicken Day. Also known as Chicken Dance Day, the goofy holiday celebrates the silly dance that is accompanied by the Chicken Song or the Chicken Dance Song.

Image result for chicken dance

“The chicken dance is a goofy, but fun party song and dance”

The song, sometimes also known as the Birdie Song, was composed in the 1950s by Swiss composer Werner Thomas. Accompanied by a series of movements, the song soon became popular in the West, especially in the United States, where it was performed at parties and weddings. The dance mimics the movements of a chicken and includes flapping of arms and wriggling of the body.”


 Deur die Oog van ’n naald deur Mathews Posa EERSTE DRUK Deur die oog van n naald 001

“Sy gedigte is ’n snelskrif waardeur diep verskuilde gevoelens tot uiting kom: vernedering, woede, verset, triomf en uiteindelike verootmoediging in gebed.” Die uitgewerswoorde  agterop, Die bundel word verdeel in essays,  beskouings en gedigte uit die tyd van ballingskap (1971-1995) en laastens gedigte uit die periode nadat die ANC in 1994 aan bewind gekom het.

Ingesluit persknipsel van bekendstelling van boek 1996 deur Pres Nelson Mandela

Toestand: Baie goed, naam van vorige eienaar op skutblad. TAFELBERG-UITGEWERS Eerste Uitgawe, 1996, 44p.

Cry the Beloved Country the story of comfort in desolation by Alan Paton

 “Cry, the Beloved Country is the moving story of the Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo and his son, Absalom, set against the background of a land and a people riven by racial injustice. Remarkable for its lyricism, unforgettable” Penguin Books Publishers, 1982 ed. 240p.

Boekreis Ver deur Hennie Aucamp eerste uitgaweBoekreis Ver 001

“’n Boekreis ver bevat sy leeservarings van ’n aantal Afrikaanse skrywers. Hierdie is ’n spesiale publikasie om Tafelberg se veertigste bestaansjaar te vier en die boek is dus nie in die handel beskikbaar gemaak nie. Die opstel waarop die uitgawe gebaseer word, is oorspronklik as praatjie aangebied voor Die Vriende van die Biblioteek in Bellville op 25 Oktober 1990, waarna dit aangevul en uitgebrei is.

Die Lewe is ‘n Grenshotel  deur Hennie Aucamp GETEKENDE KOPIE eerste uitgawelewe is 'n grenshotel

Hennie Aucamp karakteriseer sy bundel Die lewe is ’n Grenshotel, geskryf in kabaretstyl, as “ryme vir Pop en kabaret.” Dit kan as ’n satiriese protes gesien word teen materialisme, ydelheid en onder andere die valsheid van die liefde.

Tafelberg Uitgewers, Eerste Uitgawe 1977, Getekende kopie deur die skrywer. 54p.

Dit Waarom Alles Draai deur Elmarie Koch Rugprobleme GETEKENDE KOPIEDit Waarom Alles Draai 001

‘n Ware verhaal van ‘n vrou se rugprobleem en hoe sy die pyn oorwin het met raad oor rugmoeilikheid. Publiself Uitgewers 2008, 160p plus foto insetsel bladsye.

Toestand: Uitstekend. Hardeband, naam van vorige eienaar op skutblad.

Oud genoeg vir nagbriewe deur Maretha MaartensOud genoeg vir nagbriewe 001

Briewe aan tieners deur Maretha Maartens en praat uit haar hart oor ouerskap, liefde, verhoudings, seerkry en risiko’s en die reels van die liefdespel. Lux Verbi, 1988 uitgawe,   



This week we would appreciate your assistance in helping to identify the below print (man on couch):

man on couch (2)

(It is a limited edition lithograph artist’s name starting with Main…..)

Thank you for reading and please do provide us with your feedback as we wish to interact with all book lovers.

Have a wonderful week.

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May Day -Workers’ Day

1 May is a public holiday to commemorate the working class – the cogs that keep the clock ticking! Also Known as International Workers’ Day the holiday is widely celebrated, with as many as 80 countries honoring the date and what it stands for.  Historically it started with a striking workers protesting in Chicago, which resulted in law officers then proceeded to fire live ammunition at a defenseless crowd of unarmed strikers (sound familiar?). This public holiday serves as a stark reminder to governments of the power of the working class, but there is little to celebrate if you take the high unemployment figures, political chaos, and criminality in mind. But change is coming, as seen by the break-up of the  tripartite alliance, new unions, and public groups joining hands in mass protests. A   promising outcome is the court ruling against the recent nuclear project. 

There is a Chinese curse which says ‘May he live in interesting times.’ Like it or not we are living in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also more open to the creative energy of men than any other time in history.

 Please see our books available that reflect this phase in history:

(Click on the title to follow the hyperlink for further viewing)

Let my People go by Albert Luthuli Autobiographylet my people go 001

Albert Luthuli, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was a great and revered leader of the ANC and this autobiography also portrays him as a Christian which had a profound effect on his activities. His political struggles also encouraged restraint, and his love for his country transcends his loyalty to any racial group. Photo. .

Collins Publishers, London, 1962 third impression, 255p.

Raka die roman deur Koos Kombuis EERSTE UITGAWEraka die roman 001

Raka – die roman ontgin die vrese van die moderne Afrikaner in hierdie oorgangstyd van die oue na die nuwe, van die lokale realisme na ’n virtuele, relatiewe werklikheid.  Die ou gode het gesterf, maar daar is nog geen nuwes om hul plek te neem nie.” Koos Kombuis.

True confessions of an Albino Terrorist by Breyten Breytenbachtrue confessions albinoterrorist 001.jpg

Breyten Breytenbach recalls his seven-year ordeal in prisons in South Africa.

London, Faber and Faber 1989 ed.396p.


Strange days indeed by Shaun Johnson political history South Africastrange days indeed 001

A bestseller of 1993, describing the turbulent history of South Africa from insurrection to post-election in the eighties. A hard look at politics and politicians of this era.


Ja!  slegs die optimiste sal oorleef! deur Phil BosmansJa slegs die optimiste sal oorleef

Besielende boodskappe, kort en kragtig vir die moderne mens wat omring is van dodelike dosisse geweld, terreur, onreg, geestelike en morele las en die krag van die liefde om te oorwin. Pragtig  geillustreer.
Christelike Uitgewersmaatskappy 1991 uitgawe, 126p.

Afdraai: Kroniek deur A H Scholtz.  Kroniek van seermaak en seerkry, van vrede en veranderingafdraai 001

‘n Roman rondom oorlog en omwentelinge in die lewe van Suid-Afrikaners, , vanaf Anglo-Boereoorlog, die instelling van apartheid, en die lief en leed van mense uitgelewer aan hul gemeenskaplike lot. Kwela Boeke Uitgewers, Eerste Uitgawe 1989, 185p.

Thabo Mbeki and the battle for the soul of the ANC by William M Gumede. FIRST EDITIONthabo mebeki 001

A few descriptions of the book, which is an insightful description of what goes on behind the scenes of the ANC fight for control: “The information Gumede provides on the ANC’s metamorphosis, some of it revealed for the first time, is invaluable to a more complete understanding of key events in South Africa over the last decade”- Cape Times

 “A bold, incisive and controversial portrait that opens avenues to robust debate. A compelling read.” Sunday Independent.

 “This book wil set the proverbial cat among the pigeons ….How President Mbeki and the ANC leadership respond to this book will be a test for our new democracy.” Rapport.


Rivonias children by Glenn Frankel.  Three families and cost of conscience in white South Africarvonas children 001

Frankel follows the three lives of the three families including Hilda and Rusty Bernstein, Ruth Furst and her husband Joe Slovo and AnnMarie and Harold Wolpe through their struggle, detention and trials in the apartheid era. Jacana Media 1999.

Racists guide to the People of South Africa by Simon Kilpatrickracist guide 001

A humorous look at racism in South Africa. Illustrate with comical sketches.Good Dog Publishers, 2011, 151p


Anatomy of South Africa who holds the Power? By Richard Callandanatomy of south Africa 001.jpg

Questions include: who are the most influential men and women in South Africa? What goes on at high-level government meetings?  Who does the president listen to? How influential are spin doctors and the media?  How political are judges? Influence of big business? Is the ANC in control of the government or is the government in control of the ANC? How has the Zuma affair affected the tripartite alliance?  Who are front-runners in the race to be the next president of South Africa?

Suid-Afrika die Oplossing deur Leon Louw en Frances Kendal (Kanton-stelsel regering uiteensetting)oplossing 001

Hersiene en bygewerkte Afrikaanse uitgawe van die nr 1.-verkoper South Africa: the Solution met n voorwoorde deur Marinus Wiechers, vertaal deur Sonia Gouws.

Geskiedkundige agtergrond met ‘n sterk beklemtoning van die Kantonstelsel van regering.

 Amagi-publikasies, eerste  Afrikaanse druk, 1986, 252p.

Emerging African Leadership opportunities and challenges for peace and development

Papers presented at the colloquium hosted in Cape Town by the Desmond Tutu Leadership Academy in collaboration with the Leadership regional Network (Learn) and the Institute of Development Studies. Editorial team G Anderson et al.

Printed by Creda Communications, 2001, 206p.

Today we celebrate the working men and woman of South Africa and wish you a blessed Workers’ Day.

If you have any question or queries (books related) kindly let us know.





April Fool


“April Fools’ Day (sometimes called All Fools’ Day) is celebrated every year on April 1st by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. People playing April Fool jokes expose their prank by shouting April Fool. Some newspapers, magazines, and other published media report fake stories, which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in small letters. Although popular since the 19th century, the day is not a public holiday in any country.” (Wikipedia)

But with hoax or fake news doing the round, people are increasingly paranoiac or dubious about making use of it. In Stockholm – Swedish and Norwegian newspapers on Friday said they would refrain from the tradition of publishing April Fools’ Day jokes this year over fears that it might spread “fake news”.

Here are examples of news on 1 April 2017.

Triple-decker plane

Emirates airline almost had us going with the claim that it’s planning to unveil a triple-decker plane. Why? Time zones. The UAE gets to 1 April before the UK and without that all-important date-stamp… could it possibly – somehow – be true?

No, is the answer. The Dubai-based carrier has not designed a plane including “a swimming pool, games room, gym & park”.

The Witness reported that Eskom, backed by the health department would push for emergency legislation to force everybody over the age of 8 to cycle for a minimum of 30 minutes to help save the power utility. Every household would have to buy a Power Up stationary bicycle which would convert mechanical energy into electrical current via an inverter.

Beeld reported that President Jacob Zuma had had a long hard think and finally decided that the right thing to do would be to pay back the money spent on non-security upgrades at his home in Nkandla.. “His excellency, Pres. Jacob G. Zuma, gave the matter a lot of thought and came to the conclusion that it would be in the best interests of the country to pay back all the money,” a spokesperson said.

But this is not April Fools!!!


Biodiesel Basics and Beyond by William H Kemp

Biodiesel Basics and Beyond 001 (2)

“A comprehensive guide to production and use for the home and farm. Biodiesel Basics and Beyond aims to separate fact from fiction and to educate potential home, farm, and cooperative manufacturers on the economic production of quality biodiesel from both waste and virgin oil feedstock. “   American book. Includes topics such as detailed processes and equipment, how farmers can use excess oilseed as a feedstock for biodiesel production. The use of the co-byproduct glycerine in the making of soap. Reference materials and a list of supplier data. Included. A definitive guide to responsibly producing biodiesel from waste vegetable oil while minimizing your environmental footprint in the process. Photos and examples. Azrtext press, 2006, 588p.

Spreuke van Langenhoven ‘n keuse deur Jan ScannellSpreuke van Langenhoven 001 (2)

Die beste van sy spreuke, wyshede en spitsvondighede is byeengebring deur Jan Scannell.  Ideaal vir die openbare spreker.


Land Question in South Africa Ed by Lingisile Ntsebeza and Ruth HallLand Question in South Africa 001 (2)

The challenge of reformation and redistribution are debated in this collection, written by leading thinkers on the topic. Include tables, figures and graphs. Human Sciences Research Council 2007, Press, 255p.


Totale Geheue deur Dr Joan Minninger Hoe om alles beter te onthou.Totale Geheue 001

Gee insig oor hoekom ons vergeet, hoe ons onthou, hoe om jou geheue te verbeter, hoe om te onthou en te studeer en allerlei praktiese raad. Human en Rousseau, 1984, 285p.


Warhol by Victor Bockris Biography of Andy Warhol, artistWarhol 001 (2)

Victor Bokris ‘s biography of Andy Warhol is an honest, entertaining biography  agter he conducted in-depth interviews with Warhol’s family, friends, lovers and enemy to paint a informative portrait of a complex, retiring personality with a genius streak. Photographs. Penguin Books, 1980. 660p.

Raka die roman deur Koos Kombuis EERSTE UITGAWEraka die roman 001

“Raka – die roman ontgin die vrese van die moderne Afrikaner in hierdie oorgangstyd van die oue na die nuwe, van die lokale realisme na ’n virtuele, relatiewe werklikheid.  Die ou gode het gesterf, maar daar is nog geen nuwes om hul plek te neem nie.” Koos Kombuis.

Gareth Cliff on everything by Gareth Cliff.Gareth Cliff on Everything 001 (2)

From back cover: “Gareth Cliff likes to shoot from the hip. Whether on air or judging a trembling Idols contestant… Gareth throws caution to the wind and writes about all those subjects that make him glad, sad or simply mad.” For example: “Cows? The perfect steak-making machines. Tarts? Good to have around, even if there’s no conversation to be had. Our President? A bargain-bin … Wine expo? A boring waste of time: can you imagine how devoid of meaning your life has to be before you decide to spend five hours with the most pretentious people on earth. Death? Hey, we’ve all got to go sometime! …Dip in to where Gareth takes on all comers with his brash, iconoclastic and pointed musings. It’ll engage, enrage and derange you all at once.”

Verweerskrif deur Antjie Krog Digkuns Eerste Uitgawe, eerste druk.Verweerskrif 001 (2)

Dramatiese en vreeslose gedigte oor die liggaam se verouderingsproses.  Antjie Krogh vergelyk die seisoene en Tafelberg met haar ervarings wat wissel in haar digkuns vanaf liriek tot bieg, wanhoop, woede en aanvaarding.