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Winter solstice book sale

The 21st of June signals the winter solstice (or hibernal solstice), also known as midwinter, is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the December solstice and in the Southern Hemisphere this is the June solstice.

To warm up your nights, we are offering the below choice reads at a 10 percent discount. In order for this discount to apply kindly let us know once your bid is successful that you read the Winter solstice book sale blog.

wolwedans (2)Wolwedans n soort revue deur Hennie Aucamp EERSTE DRUK

“Daar kan drie vlakke in die bundel onderskei word: die revue, ’n “verskeidenheidsprogram”; die wolfsheid van die samelewing; en die verloopte en vereensaamde enkeling. Wolwedans en Hongerblom is in 1974 (saam met Chris Barnard se Mahala) met die WA Hofmeyr-prys bekroon. “http://www.litnet.co.za/hennie-aucamp-1934.

Tafelberg, EERSTE DRUK, 1973, 87pp.


In een kraal deur Hennie Aucamp Prosa GETEKENDE KOPIE EERSTE UITGAWEImage (2)

‘n Keuse uit die prosa van Hennie Aucamp saamgestel en ingelui deur Eliza Botha.

Tafelberg, EERSTE DRUK, 1979, 207pp. EERSTE UITGAWE


Shape of my heart Poem by Sting, Paintings by PicassoImage (2)

Edited by Linda Sunshine and Mary Tiegree. “Shape of My Heart marries the haunting lyrics of pop icon Sting with the mesmerizing images of Pablo Picasso, perhaps the greatest artist of the twentieth century. The result is a scintillating look at how the forces of love and desire will enrich and complicate life.” Beautiful coloured Picasso prints.


Volmink deur Hennie Aucamp Kortverhale. GETEKENDE KOPIEVolmink - Hennie Aucamp

“Hennie Aucamp se kortverhaalbundel Volmink kan beskou word as die eerste gay teks in Afrikaans wat weggebreek het van die verdoeseling en maskering wat die uitbeelding van homoseksualiteit in die ouer literatuur gekenmerk het.” Travestie en gay identiteit in Volmink (1981) van Hennie Aucamp, Andries Visagie).

Tafelberg, EERSTE DRUK, 1981. 86p, GETEKENDE KOPIE


Te Glorious Knitting by Kaffe FassettImage

Over 30 colourful, fashionable exclusive patterns by the master of hand-knitted designs

Century Hutchinson publishing Group, 1987, 160p.

Condition: Soft cover, folio size Good, slight water stains on edge.


Tema en Variasies deur Willem van den Berg RomanImage

Kyk na die stadslewe van Afrikaners en veranderende tradisies.

Nasionale Pers 1947, 313P.


Finishing Touch by Robin Guild Making the most with the things you own. Excellent DIY BookImage

Innovative, amazing imprint to make your house a home. Colourful illustrations, ingenious ideas and use of worthwhile items.


Groot gebod deur T C Pienaar roman Image

‘n Roman met ‘n godsdienstige boodskap oor hoe om jou medemens by te staan.

Nasionale Boekhandel, 1950, 233p.


Boys in Africa Photographs by Andrew Kennedy an African journey mostly in the nudeImage (2)

“… A glorious journey of seven guys together on safari… sharing togetherness, the loneliness and beauty of the African bush.” Sub-heading: by the Reverend Toop with the sounds of Beethoven in the bush.

Alternative Books, Botswana, 1988 approx 100p.


Wys my waar is Timboektoe deur Hennie Aucamp samesteller ‘n persoonlike reis deur Afrika EERSTE UITGAWEImage

Aucamp se groot Afrika-bloemelesing. Wys my waar is Timboektoe  is “’n  samestelling van tekste van Beroemde en bekende skywers en roep die “gansheid van Afrika” op.


Spitsuur deur Hennie Aucamp Kortverhale  Spitsuur deur Hennie Aucamp Kortverhale

12 kortverhale wat oor die dood, eensaamheid, seksfrustrasie en oor Hernnie Eucamp as mens gaan.

John Malherbe -Uitgewers, 1972 derde druk. 108p. Klein formaat.


Keep warm this winter with our selections of books.

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Books For March – Week 3

International Women’s Day (IWD) was on  March 8 with the  2017 campaign theme: “Being Be Bold For Change”, came and went with a whimper amidst the corrupt and wrong decisions of our women in Government.:  Just think of  She of the SASSA scandal, Dlamini’s ‘smallanyana’;    the “gender-based” candidate, Dlamini-Zuma with an albatross on her shoulder (ex-husband); Dudu Myeni who cut the wings of the SAA, Faith Muthambi and her golden boy of the SABC; Baleka Mbete  who shields no. 1 in Parly; She of the Stompie murder case,  Winnie Madikizela-Mandela; Tina JoematPettersson   who muddied the waters for the fishing industry before being appointed in a nuke position. And don’t forget whose face was as red as the beet she proclaimed could cure HIV/Aids, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang. I can think of many more, can you? Please fill in the blanks. And then there is a true lady, Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout, naughty but with a spotless political reputation, who could get away with murder by means of her koeksisters (see review below.) Just a pity that a fictitious woman overshadowed the lot above.

  1. Part Hate a Part Love the legend of Evita Bezuidenhout by Pieter-Dirk UysPart Hate A Part Love 001

The biography of a character that Pieter-Dirk Uys created to show the satirical but true situation in South Africa. As an ambassador for the fictitious homeland, Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout became a famous household name, relentlessly showing up the follies of the nation. Photographs even a family tree in back of book.

Hond Publishers, 1994 ed.381p.

2. No room for error by peter van der Spek account of light aircraft crashes in No room for error 001South Africa

Causes, consequences of light aircraft crashes in south africa, incorporation over 35 chilling account that ended in tragedy due to human folly, technical errors , environmental factors of just sheer bad luck. Photos, maps, transcripts of pilots’ last words included.

Spearhead publishers, 2003, 121p.

Condition: soft cover no dust jacket, good condition, well-bound. 

3. One Life by Richard E. Leaky Autobiography.One Life 001

In his autobiography Richard Leakey recounts his childhood which he spent exploring the African wilds with his parents, his involvement in the study of human ancestry and Kenya’s museums, and his struggle against a kidney disease which required a life-saving kidney transplant donated by his brother.

Michael Joseph, 1983, 207p

Condition: hard cover, dust jacket, Very good condition.

4. Continent Ablaze: Insurgency Wars in Africa 1960 to the Present John TurnerContinent Ablaze 001 Border Wars

A study of the conflicts which raged through Africa between 1960 and 1998. Especially at the Operational Level, counter-insurgency warfare in South Africa.  Strategic photographs, maps.

Jonathan Ball Publishers, 1998, 280p. FIRST EDITION

Condition:  soft cover, very good condition.

5. Scourge of the ANC by Dan Roodt and   Afrikaner survival under black ruleScourge of the ANC 001

In these two polemical essays Dan Roodt denounces the ANC rule since it came into to power in 1994. It describes the staggering amount of crime, criminality, and corruption in government, the hundreds of foreign crime syndicates, money laundering, and increase in drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, child pornography, rape, murder, and car hijacking Praag publishers, 2004, 143p. FIRST EDITION

Condition: soft cover no dust jacket, covers well-bound, clean.

6. Global Warming Deception by Grant R. Jeffrey How a Secret Elite Plans to Global Warming Deception 001Bankrupt America and Steal Your Freedom

Jeffrey maintains and provides proof in The Global-Warming Deception, that the   political pressure, flawed science, and falsified data are orchestrated to sell an environmental lie and bring the West to its knees. He argues that United Nations agencies use the threat of rising ocean levels, crop failure, expanding deserts, and the extinction of species to convince western nations to surrender their sovereignty. As these developments play out, we see the globalists consolidating their power.

Waterbrook Press, 2011, 217 p.

Condition: soft cover no dust jacket, well-bound. Clean.


7. Criminal Law by C. R. SnymanCriminal Law 001

LexisNexis, 5th edition, 2008, 625 p.

Condition: soft cover no dust jacket, well-bound.


8. Leipoldt’ Cape cookery by C Louis Leipoldt FIRST EDITION.Leipoldts Cape Cookery 001

Cooking was one of the many talents of this poet, author, and medical man.

“This manuscript, published now for the first time, can be regarded as the definitive work in English on the Cape Table. “ It  contains  chapters on the origins of Cape cooking, spices, herbs and flavouringFish, meat, vegetable, eggs, veldkos, game and camp cookery and fruits and sweets.

 Published in 1976 W J Flesch and partners. 159p. Illustrated by Keri Swift.