Second hand book seller  

Gian Francesco Poggio Bracciolini 

Poggio, the 14th Century Italian monk and scholar, who was famous for recovering mostly forgotten classical Latin and other texts from  Europe’s  monastic libraries (he begged, borrowed and often “appropriated” manuscripts) for translation and dissemination  I have always had a total absorbing love affair with books and libraries. 

As an ex-librarian for umpteen years, you would think that I would be sick and tired of books, but in my retirement I found trading in books an absorbing and lucrative hobby, keeping me literally and figuratively on my feet (as I scour secondhand bookshops, thrift shops, library sales, school and church fêtes  in the western Cape).

I hope to discuss in this blog many adventures, discoveries, problems in our conservation and preservation of books, especially Africana. I hope that you will also share your knowledge and opinions freely  with other bibliophiles.

Please feel free to use this platform to blog about books, book sales, hosting your websites, newsletters , blog sites , and any other information you would like to share.


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