Books for March – Week 4

Do your part this March and participate in the 2017 global initiative, Earth Hour in Cape Town on Saturday, 25 March 2017. This save the environment theme is a call for ordinary people to take a stand against climate change by turning off all non-essential lights between 8:30pm and 9:30pm. The grassroots movement was started by World Wildlife Fund in 2007 in Australia, where 2.2 million residents in Sydney turned off their lights for an hour. To date, more than 7000 cities and towns worldwide have taken part in this worthy cause. SO ENCOURAGE YOUR NEIGHBORS TO DO THE SAME.


 Human Rights Day in South Africa on March 21 every year as a celebration of democracy and remembering the events and sacrifices for those who helped achieve it. The country’s struggle for justice and equality does not however mean that freedom of speech must be sacrificed. More terrifying is the influence of social media who can say what they want, crucify the concept of freedom of speech and use it stripped of context. Even worse, blacken reputations with personal attacks of a person.

This brings me to the new swear word starting with a C – “Colonialism.” And the storm in a teacup that resulted from two tweets.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, “colonialism” means “the policy of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers.   Many South Africans are the descendants of slaves, migrants who was brought or fled to the Cape Colony from 1653 until 1822. Jan van Riebeeck, of the Netherlands who founded the first colony at Cape Town in 1652, was a dedicated official who found a few bushmen and Hottentots the area, and apart from his directive to start   a halfway house  for proviand  which was a method one nation controlling another for economic gain.  This made the Boer farmers so mad that they decided to trek into the unknown interior.

 But does Zille’s tweets not also have a layer of truth? Far be it for moral justifiers like Max du Preez to say she “ must go” Premier Zille posted a number of tweets in the context of her visit to Singapore; a country that was colonised, but has made great strides to develop, empower its citizens, and prosper. In two tweets, Premier Zille said that the legacy of colonialism has benefitted South Africa in several ways, AND I AGREE that colonialism, also has a good side such as economic growth, enculturation, technology, and not being an isolated society.

We as a society has forgotten the lessons about tolerance and understanding that Madiba taught us. Instead debate has deteriorated into stereotypical and personal attacks.  Of course this is the old story of the tail wagging the dog, and a way of deflecting us from more serious issues such as murder, corruption, misuse of our tax money and the shenanigans of politicians.   It is time to heal the divisions, unite in our diversity and strive for democratic values, social justice and human rights.

And remember… “The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.” – Garry Kasparov

 I have included the first four books that give and insightful look in our society…good or bad.

 Andy Warhol Bela Lugosi Dracula the Kiss poster framed rare9 kiss

 Size poster approx.70×108 cm, in black and gilt frame with glass front  83x113cm 

 Condition: excellent, belonged to a discerning art collector for years. R2500.00

Shipping: can be viewed in Cape Town prior to sale on appointment. Shipping due to size to be undertaken by buyer.

Let not my country die by Credo Mutwalet not my country die 001

Mutwa, a visionary and witchdoctor and famous author of Indaba my Children writes about racism around the world, apartheid, black on black violence and culture and religion. His message is “South africa needs salvation and not crucification and skilfully brings home the message that South Africans must embrace peace or perish.

United publishers international, 1987 second impression, 228p.  142

A Human Being Died That night a story of forgiveness by Pumla Goboda-Madikizela –Eugene de Kock encounter.a human being died that night 001

Pumla Goboda-Madikizela, a clinical psychologist who served on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Human rights Violation committee, spent forty-six hours interviewing Eugene de Kock, who was accused of crimes against humanity. Tis book about her encounter with the man named  ”Prime Evil”, is an insightful look at the psyche of Eugene de Kock but also an exploration into forgiveness, and the capacity of understanding and compassion.

Davidphilip   Publishers, 2003, First edition, 192p.  

Let my People go by albert Luthuli Autobiographylet my people go 001

Albert Luthuli, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was a great and revered leader of the ANC and this autobiography also portrays him as a Christian which had a profound effect on his activities. His political struggles also encouraged restraint, and his love for his country transcends his loyalty to any racial group. Photo. .

Collins Publishers, London, 1962 third impression, 255p.

Tribe to Township by Dr. Peter Becker From the kraal to the citytribe to township 001

The way of life of Southern Africa’s black inhabitants in transition from traditional tribal culture to the urban white man’s social structure. Age-old attitudes and lore and cultural encounters with the white man’s life-style and the challenges. Photographs and illustrations.

Panther Books, Paperback, 1974 Ed.  256p.

Vyftig, Vurig en Fabulous Brumilda van Rensburg deur Analieze Steyn. GETEKENDE KOPIEVyftig, vurig & fabulous 001

Subtitel: inspirerende gedagtes en vertellings van ‘n dinamiese vol lewe.

Beer and Braai

 A detailed book on methods, implements, recipes and everything the dedicated braaier needs to know. Illustrated.

Dark Rider by Tatamkulu AfrikaDark Rider 001

A story of life in a struggling South Africa in poem-form.

Snailpress, 1992 first edition, 131 p.

Condition: soft cover no dust jacket, well-bound.

Goudbaronne Mannheimsage III, deur Lerina ErasmusGoudbaronne 002

Die derde boek in die Mannheim-reeks wentel ook om twee Johannesburgse Families, die Mannheims en die Molloys en speel af in die stormagtige jare voor en tydens die uitbreek van Eerste Wêreldoor

Goeie maniere en etiket deur Emsie Schoeman
Goeie Maniere en Etiket 001

Die immergroen boek van raad vir elke denkbare situasie, van bankette tot begrafnisse, kleredrag, protokol, ens.

Human en Rousseau-Uitgewers, Tweede druk, 1981, 176p.


Picture Framing and Wall Display by the editors of Sunset Books and Sunset Magazine.Picture Framing and Wall Display 001

Detailed instructions and colourful decorating ideas for framing and displaying art. Including fabrics, crafts photographs.

Operation Q-018 by Gerard Ludi South African spy saga.Operation Q-018 001

The story of a deep-cover spy, Gerard Ludi, a secret service double agent who was tasked by the ANC to penetrate Moscow (Kremlin) in order to turn South africa into a Marxist state. 


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