March – Week 2

This week we have a compilation of South African Law books available, as Poggio Books aims to broaden its genres and meet the needs of all book lovers, this week will be a treat for Law students, legal professionals or knowledgeable academics. We have a variety of law books at unbelievable prices, take some time to review the below books as this week we will be diving into South African Law:


  1. Eckards Principles of Civil Procedure in the Magistrates Courts, TJM Paterrson

Principles of Civil Procedure 001

2. Dispute Resolution, Paul Pretorius

Dipsute Resolution 001.jpg


3.  Principles of Evidence, Schwikkard and van der Merwe

Principles of Evidence 001.jpg

4.  Statutory Interpretation an Introduction for Students, Christo Botha

Statutory Interpretation 001.jpg

5. Essential Labour Law, A.C Basson et al

Essenatial Labour Law 001.jpg


We are dedicated to bringing you the best books (at the lowest possible prices) of each genre and would appreciate your feedback to hear about the books you want to read.


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